Increasing Access through Mobile Learning

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Edited by Mohamed Ally and Avgoustos Tsinakos.

As the use of mobile technology increases around the world, there is growing interest in its use in education and training. This is especially true in developing countries, where citizens are acquiring mobile technology rather than computers, bypassing the desktop and notebook computer stages. Educators and trainers will therefore have to develop learning materials for delivery on a variety of technologies, including mobile devices; and teachers will have to be trained on how to design and deliver mobile learning. For these reasons, it is important that standards for mobile learning be set so that high-quality mobile learning materials are developed and learning materials can be shared among educational organisations. This book on the use of mobile technology for flexible delivery is aimed at helping educators and trainers develop and implement mobile learning. It also provides information that researchers can use to conduct research on the use of mobile learning in education and training.

Publisher: Commonwealth of Learning