My People’s Blood

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Indigenous Sexual Health Recovery

by Josie Auger

Colonization has impacted the gender roles and sexuality of Indigenous peoples. Through unhealed molestation and abuse First Nations communities are seeing the impact of HIV/AIDS. A series of three plays were developed with a group of First Nation youth and Elders to address the impacts of the virus that causes AIDS in an Indigenous community. My People’s Blood: Indigenous Sexual Health Recovery is about giving voice to those stories that hurt, blame, and shame. Healing from historical trauma and reclaiming who we are as Indigenous peoples will help recovery. The stories are weaved together with kindness, honesty, caring and strength with the help of Grandmother Spider and the Indigenous Iterative Web created as an Indigenous research method from this popular theatre and action research project.

Publisher: J.Charlton Publishing

About the Author

Josie Auger is an Assistant Professor in Nukskahtowin and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies.