Speak Only of the Moon

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A New Translation of Rumi

photo of moon over desert

Translated by E.D. Blodgett and Manijeh Mannani.

As readers everywhere of the Sufi poet Rumi know, his thought is at once profound and perennially fresh. It is sometimes forgotten, however, by those who rely on translations, that he was a poet most at home in a poetry of constraints. The intention of this book is to give some emphasis to his poetry, particularly his intricate use of rhyme while bearing in mind that, were we to follow Rumi all the way, it might appear artificial. Remembering the constraints of both Persian and English, we have endeavoured to present a Rumi, one of the great lights of a brilliant poetic tradition, in an English that, despite the hazards of translation, comes close to our great forebear, in all his lightness, playfulness, and ineffable joy.

Publisher: Guernica Editions

Divine Deviants

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The Dialectics of Devotion in the Poetry of Donne and Rūmī

by Manijeh Mannani

book cover with arches, Persian and English writing

Divine Deviants is a comparative study of the Persian Sufi poet, Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (1212-1273), and the English Metaphysical poet, John Donne (1572-1631). By focusing on the two schools of thought to which these poets belong as well as their individual poetic worldviews and styles, this book elucidates the different dimensions of the shared philosophy governing their poetry.

Bridging linguistic, cultural, religious, and philosophical barriers, Divine Deviants carefully illustrates that in the works of both Rūmī and Donne love symbolizes Beatific Vision and Truth. More generally, this book highlights the bonds between religion, mysticism, and literature and thus examines not only the interdependent issues in these disciplines, but also the invisible and yet profound closeness that exists in the representative works of the two literary and religious traditions.

Publisher: Peter Lang

About the Author

Manijeh Mannani is Associate Dean, Program and Course Planning, and Associate Professor for English and Comparative Literature. View Manijeh's faculty page.