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Mega Sites

These sites contain a large number of links and information and are good places to begin a search for specific information or simply to browse.

About Psychology
Site provides links to over 700 psychology-related sites.
AmoebaWeb Psychology
Site provides links to a vast number of sites covering many areas of psychology.
Psychological assessment, testing and practice resources.
A site with information on all aspects of computers in psychology. This includes articles and resources on human-computer interaction, technology in education, psychology-related software, and more.
CogPrints Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
Site offers links to the text of many journal articles in various areas of psychology.
Encyclopedia of Psychology
This site has links to over 2000 psychology related websites.
Indiana University East -- The Psychology Jumping Stand
Site of links named in honor of the animal research apparatus of Carl Lashley.
Malignant Self Love Narcissism Re-Visited
An extensive web site regarding Pathological Narcissism, NPD, and Personality Disorders.
Mental Help Net
Excellent site contains a vast number of mental health resources, from popular articles to specialized resources for professional psychologists.
The Presentations of Science base (POSbase) consists of a collection of PowerPoint presentations about a variety of experimental psychology topics.
"Your guide to psychology and social science journals on the web.".
Psyc Site Information Sources
Site of psychology links at Nipissing University in Ontario.
PsychNet-UK contains many links to psychology pages. There are gateways for Mental Health Professionals, Psychological Training, Corporate Psychological Services, and those Seeking Help or Counselling.
Psychology Degrees & Resources Online
AcademicInfo is a Psychology degree and resource guide with links to research tools, writing guides, journals, book lists, and much more.
Useful Psychology Links
This site provides links to sites that concern many topics in psychology including biological processes, sensation and perception, human development, consciousness, memory, thought and language, intelligence, motivation and emotion, personality, and social psychology.

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Search the Athabasca University Psychology Resources:
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Please note that searches are limited to web sites linked with this page.

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